Where Donations Go


We believe in total transparency and are one of the most efficient charities for two reasons. The first is we are an organization staffed by volunteers. The second is much of our operating and development expenses are provided by board members. This means your donation can help us develop and deliver our life-changing educational materials.



We are sometimes surprised by how our books are helping people around the world. In 2014, the number of letters from readers in U.S. prisons highlighted for us the need to reach out to this community. This is just one of many excellent examples of how your donation can enable us to provide books to help people. 



Each year we publish an annual report and make our tax return available to the public. Both documents show in detail the exact amount of donor funds allocated to the various educational programs that we offer.


Do you need help? Feel free to call 530-554-7061and ask your question. You can also click here for book information.


If you prefer to write, our email address is contact@teachpeace.com. Our mailing address is below.


Teach Peace Foundation

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God bless, David J. Dionisi