Service Learning


Service Learning is a high school education and training experience that can help building on the below important 21st century skills and knowledge.

  • Citizenship

  • American and World History
  • How Government Works
  • Our Constitution
  • Nonviolence as a force more powerful than violence
  • Caring for the environment
  • Importance of individual and government financial responsibility
  • Wellness
  • First Aid
  • Preventing Drug Abuse
  • Effective Oral/Written Communications
  • Technology Awareness
  • Career Opportunities
  • Current Events

Service Learning projects include:

  • Water purification projects
  • Green Dignity alternative to plastic bags program
  • Community Service
  • Meetings with lawmakers locally and in Washington, DC
  • Opportunity to participate in events with peace and justice organizations
  • Visiting and caring for injured soldiers
  • Attending special briefings from city officials
  • Leading an annual awards dinner to acknowledge the work of peacemakers
  • Unifying the community with an Evening of Lights peace gathering

For more information, please contact us at or call 530-554-7061.





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