Leadership Education


People sometimes inquire if we are an organization delivering education or an organization delivering acts of kindness. The answer is yes and yes. We deliver 21st century leadership education and acts of kindness. What makes our leadership education unique is we promote nonviolence as a force more powerful than violence and teach about the New World Order cartel.


High School Students Learn:

  • Caring for the environment

  • Citizenship

  • American and World History

  • How Government Works

  • Why the Federal Reserve is 100% privately owned

  • Our Constitution

  • Importance of individual and government financial responsibility

  • Wellness

  • First Aid

  • Preventing Drug Abuse

  • Effective Oral/Written Communications

  • Technology Awareness

  • Career Opportunities

  • Current Events

Extracurricular Activities Include:

  • Community service
  • Global stewardship
  • Meetings with lawmakers locally and in Washington, DC
  • Opportunity to participate in events with social justice organizations
  • Visiting and caring for injured soldiers
  • Helping children in Africa
  • Running an essay contest to promote social justice awareness*
  • Starting micro-businesses to help break the cycle of poverty
  • Attending special briefings from non-profit, for-profit and government officials

*Please note for the bullet on "Running an essay contest" that contests are only available when students have volunteered to run this program.

For more information, please call 530-554-7061.


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