Fatima Peace Solution

On October 13, 1917 a public miracle was witness by Christians and non-Christians. An estimated 70,000 people witnessed what was the greatest miracle of the 20th century. From 1973 to 1982 over 100 supernatural events occurred in Akita, Japan to remind us of the Fatima message.

The Catholic Church officially recognizes this miracle even though it includes a message that an apostasy takes place in the Vatican.


The reason the Fatima miracle and message is critically important is God promises to defeat the Masonic and other Brotherhood of Death secret societies working to achieve a New World Order.

I realize the Fatima Peace Solution is initially difficult to understand. Satan and people in his service have worked very hard to deceive you to ignore Fatima. Knowing that God supernaturally defeated the Pharaoh is helpful. Moses did not win by having people use military force against Egypt. Today, we face an enemy that has control of the media, governments, financial institutions and has even infiltrated religious institutions at very high levels. The solution today that the kingdom of Satan fears most that you will learn, is the Fatima secret.

In the 19th century, Pope Leo XIII's warning about Freemasonry and the kingdom of Satan resulted in people knowing the dangers of the New World Order. Unfortunately, in the 21st century many people have been deceived and believe secret societies do not serve a harmful purpose and Satan does not exist. This false understanding leads souls to hell. The Teach Peace Foundation provides education to help save souls, especially those most in need.

To learn more, reading Atomic Bomb Secrets and Defeating the Brotherhood of Death is recommended.


May the peace of our Lord be with you, David Dionisi


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